Should I Choose A2 Hosting as My Preferred Cloud Hosting?

While there are plenty of hosting platforms on the market that can offer you a world-class hosting experience, only a few handfuls of these names are such who live up to the expectations.

Among these many names, we have a remarkable hosting platform called the A2 Hosting. These guys are quite popularly known for their different hosting services but one area where we found them stand out then the rest is their ultimate cloud hosting. Don’t take our word for it, check out the entire A2 hosting review which we have specifically covered to help you understand appropriately about them. 

So today, I am going to do a complete A2 hosting review and discuss about them. These guys started off with humble beginnings just like any other company in 2011. Who knew that in just under 9 years, they will become one of the top hosting platforms in the world and will home a perfect working culture. They call their technical specialists gurus who are equipped with the perfect technical knowledge on server management. Also, the platform is quite popularly known for delivering a commendable website page load time, especially through its cloud servers. 

So, just in case, if you’re looking for a web hosting platform with the best cloud hosting! 

Read on. 

The Interesting Features Offered by A2 Cloud Hosting Service

Delivers Website Speed Under 200ms

One of the most important factors to consider at the time of hosting is none other but website speed. If your website isn’t loading fast enough, there’s a significant chance that you may lose your customers. And this can ultimately result in your website to fail to fulfill its end goal or purpose. 

While several hosting platforms in the market may claim big, they might not be able to deliver what they promise. Among such promises, speed is an important one that almost every platform makes. 

Do you know the average human eye takes 400 milliseconds to blink? 

While Google offers approximately 200ms time to load a single website page anything that promises to offer something below that, is indeed one of the best options. A2 Hosting is one such cloud hosting platform which ensures that you get the best speed for your website. 

How do we know about it? Thanks to BitCatcha who performed their research. 

BitCatcha performed the speed test on A2 hosting using Turbo and Swift receiving the following results. The worldwide average for Swift came out as 173 ms and for Turbo, it was around 149 ms.

Both of these tests indicate it falls in the A+ category for website speed test for page load time. 

A2 Hosting Host Servers on SSD

Another great thing about hosting your website on A2 hosting is that every website hosted on the platform is hosted on SSD storage. If you’re unaware of the benefit of hosting your website on the SSD, it’s because SSD has a faster processing unit which performs almost 30% fast than the normal HDD storage. Henceforth, the processing of the website hosted on the SSD storage unit is much better than a normal HDD.

In the online world, if a website fails to load in under a second then there’s a chance that your visitor might readily shift to another platform which offers better website page load time. With an HDD in place, your website has a high chance of getting a load-time which takes at least 2-3 seconds. However, with an SSD in place, these seconds can significantly minimize and drop the number to just a second. These couple of seconds delay is everything to give your visitor a reason to shift elsewhere. 

Intrigued by how SSD differs from HDD, 

Here’s a video that shows why SSD is a better option than an HDD. 

Take a look. 


Need Maximum Site Up-time? A2 Hosting Got You Covered! 

As far as the site-uptime is concerned, A2 hosting offers you the best website up-time compared to the rest of the cloud hosting platforms in the market. While many would claim that they offer 99.99% website up-time, they may fall short when it comes to delivering the right service. However, with A2 hosting, the whole scenario is completely different. You not only get a reliable hosting platform in the market but you also get a website with 99.99% uptime so your digital business can never go down. 

In case, if A2 Hosting fails to deliver what it commits (like 99.99% site up-time) it always makes up for it by returning 5% of the credit which it charges to its clients for every hour downtime they experience. 

This condition only applies when A2 hosting experiences some kind of hardware failure. The condition is not applicable if your website suffers any form of DDoS attacks or ISP issues of any form. 

A2 Hosting has a Great Number of Data Centers

While there is plenty of information flowing on the Internet displaying some of the most powerful web hosting companies and promising that they have some of the best hardware/software, but when it comes to website data delivery and speed, they simply fail to deliver the type of speed which they deserve. A bit of research indicated that the positioning of the data center played a significant role which many web hosting companies ignored. But that’s certainly not the case with A2 hosting. 

The platform is amazing because it has different data centers around the world. While many hosting platforms have data centers that are only located in the USA, A2 Hosting has data centers that are located in 2 other countries instead of the USA. It has 4 data centers, two in the United States, 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in Singapore. In this way, it is able to provide maximum coverage all across Europe, the USA, and Asia. 

A2 Hosting Software Are Optimized for Best Results

Many of us enjoy tweaking out software to deliver the best results, but only a few of us know how to optimize it to the best settings. We always try to do something extra to squeeze every drop of performance from the resources available at our expense. We want things to work for us in a commendable fashion and we want them to work right from the moment we start using them with the best possible settings. In short, we don’t want ourselves stuck in the hassles of tweaking it all up. 

A2 Hosting takes a great leap ahead from the rest of the competition with its remarkable features. With A2 Hosting, you get every organized and pre-configured beforehand to deliver you the best performance. The software settings on A2 Hosting are pre-tuned to maximize the security element and deliver world-class top performance to visitors. However, for now, the following optimization settings can only be applied to certain software such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, and Joomla.

So just in case, if you’re wondering what are the perks, you don’t have to worry about page load speed. 

A2 Hosting has an Interesting Client Login Interface

Hosting a platform on A2 has interesting perks and one among such many is its remarkable UI. A2 hosting has a UI that is very interactive and easy-to-learn. These guys have done a remarkable job by paying high attention on making the platform intuitive for their respective users. It makes everything very convenient and super-easy to use. When you will log into their dashboard, you can find the top bar full of interesting features. It houses just about everything you may require from the platform. 

Not only is the platform UI interactive, but also the amazing color contrast that just fits perfectly with everything else. Plus, all the important links and icons are professionally placed in the user interface so you don’t have to search hard for them. Summing it all up, there’s no denying the fact that the UI offered by A2 hosting is quite remarkable and interesting. Especially, it is very enticing for new users. 

There are Plenty of Features which the A2 Hosting Offers

Let me ask you a simple question, what is it that you seek when you’re running a normal brick or mortar store in your locality? Basically what you need is a way to keep all the necessary expenses at bay. Similarly, when you’re running a website, you’re required to keep all the necessary expenses at bay including the additional ones which usually come when you want another domain or you want to add another email address to your website. 

However, if your website is hosted on a platform such as the A2 hosting, then you get plenty of interesting features. Some of the most interesting features which the A2 hosting has to offer to there customers include: 

They Have a Highly Experienced and Very Responsive Support

If you’re in the cloud hosting or web hosting business, then you know it very well how important it is to have a sound technical support team on the ready to help people resolve their hosting queries. Even the best hardware/software isn’t going to reward the customers as effectively as expected unless there isn’t a great team of support who can resolve customer queries proficiently.

The A2 hosting is a great and responsive hosting provider on the market not only because of their exceptional hosting service but also their customer support specialists are the real gurus. They can solve any hosting problem in just a few minutes and that too quite proficiently so your site stays up and running. They normally assist their people by offering them quick service through Live Chat. The process is pretty much the same compared to other hosting providers. You start off by launching a ticket and eventually, someone from the chat will respond to your problem and guide you properly. 

The only downside is that there’s a long queue as you’ve to wait for someone to connect with you. 

Things You Won’t Appreciate About A2 Hosting

While there are plenty of interesting features offered by the A2 hosting, we can’t actually say for sure that A2 hosting doesn’t have any flaws. To outline a few, here are somethings we don’t like about A2. 

The Customer Support is a bit Slow on Adhering to Needs

Although the customer support is incredibly wonderful in assisting you with your desired query, the live chat support feature has some minor flaws which they encounter, time-in and time-out. 

The gurus behind the scenes are knowledgeable and technically sound to adhere to your queries, but when it comes to addressing those queries and finding solutions, we found them a little slow. 

You will have to wait for some time to see someone arrive in the queue & help you with your problem.

Concluding Thoughts

It is without a doubt that A2 Hosting is a powerful hosting brand in the international market. 

We can’t say for sure that they are the fastest hosting platforms in the entire world right now. Because there are plenty of other names in the market which are offering far better hosting experiences to users. But, if there’s one thing we can be soundly agreed upon is that they do offer 180 ms on Turbo and Swift which puts them in the A+ category of web hosting. 

If you’re looking for a reliable host, A2 is the best place as it provides a variety of features and a very optimized website page load time experience. Also, the intuitive dashboard is a plus which makes the platform quite the preferred choice among the non-tech-savvy individuals. 

So there you go, here’s everything that we believe is best about A2. If you want a reliable cloud hosting solution, then, in my opinion, you should definitely go for A2 web hosting as it is one of the best.