Do you own a website and you see quite a lot of downtime? Are you tired of slow speed and have done just about everything to optimize it? Yet your website still delivers a terrible experience to your customers. It’s time you choose a host that seamlessly complements the speed of your website. But before we get into the details of our research and find out the best cloud hosting providers in the market, I would first like to explain what is cloud hosting and how it is different from other hosting solutions on the Internet. 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Imagine a big cloud of servers where data is stored in different locations. It’s how a cloud hosting service works. If you want speed for your website and good loading time, a cloud is one of the best options because it recollects these chunks of information from separate server instances and then delivers your visitors a quick and speedy website loading.

Cloud servers are highly scalable and incredibly flexible. It’s one of the best options for websites that observes network traffic spikes and lows frequently.

Cloud hosting is one of the best models for companies looking for a pay-as-you-go model.

Each month, you have the option to set the resource limit for the servers as per your choice. So the months in which your website isn’t quite active, you don’t have to spend much on your servers. It’s the best option for e-commerce businesses as they can work on their marketing campaigns by investing the budget in places where it actually deserves.

Top 9 Best Cloud Hosting Providers to Consider in 2021

While there are multiple cloud hosting platforms available in the market, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. When choosing the best Cloud Hosting platform, you can often get overwhelmed and confused as to which platform is the best option for you. And when you think of picking one, you easily get overwhelmed with the variety of options. Choosing the right one can really turn into a tricky task now doesn’t it? But fear not, because you’ve finally come to the right place. To make it all easy for you, we have assembled some of the best cloud hosting providers. Take a look and see what fits.

1. Hostnoc

Hostnoc (Key Takeaways)

Looking for a cloud hosting solution to fit all your requirements? Look no further than HostNoc. It is a great cloud hosting platform which brings managed cloud hosting solutions and a whole lot more to your doorstep. HostNoc covers plenty of hosting packages with a variety of servers for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re a Linux user or a Windows user, it doesn’t really matter because HostNoc offers both Windows and Linux based servers for individuals willing to build their own websites.

As far as the service is concerned, at HostNoc, they have employed some of the best NOC technicians who are highly skilled and well informed in the art of server management. They offer great customer support and are willing to provide complete knowledge on their specific servers to anyone willing to learn. As far as the pricing is concerned, the cloud hosting packages which they offer to their customers are pretty flexible and quite scalable. So irrespective of the budget you have, it has just about every package to fulfill your custom needs. Are you looking for a cloud hosting solution where security is the key? HostNoc is your way in. It is one of the best cloud hosting platforms in the market.

What makes HostNoc a class-apart from the rest is their active team that governs the safety and security of your servers around the clock. So whether day or night, these guys are always monitoring. They perform daily backups ensuring that your data is secure on their servers. They have an organized disaster recovery plan which ensures that any kind of data loss is recoverable. Everything you do is backed up and stored on powerful and robust servers so you don’t have to suffer any downtime. With HostNoc, you get the ultimate 24/7 customer support and live chat support features to use any-time.

Prices can vary from $9/Month and goes as high as up to $75/Month.

If you’re looking for a good host where you don’t have to worry about the highs and lows of server management, then look no further than HostNoc. Right now, they are offering everything at 50% OFF.

2. HostGator

HostGator Cloud Pros (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Are you looking for a platform to simply host your website? In case, you’re then HostGator is a remarkable option. Some websites work with plenty of information and they want a cloud instance to store all that information. But if that’s not the case with you then HostGator is a great cloud hosting solution for you. Unlike normal web hosts, a cloud host allows you to share your website load on multiple server instances to decrease the load time considerably. But with HostGator not only do you get a cloud host where you can launch your website, but you get one that is available at a slightly higher price than normal web hosting or shared hosting plan. It makes HostGator the cheapest one.

HostGator comes with a baseline Hatchling Cloud plan which allows you to host a single domain with unmetered bandwidth & storage. The server is backed with at least 2 cores and 2 GB RAM for ultra-high site speed processing. The package also includes Varnish which allows fast static site content loading. And believe it or not, but you get all that for a reasonable price plan starting at $3.13 (£2.5) a month for up to 3 years. The only downside is that the price increases every time renewal.

Next to hatchling, HostGator has a Business Cloud plan for corporate-level websites. They allow you to host unlimited websites with unlimited resources on a six-core and 6 GB RAM cloud units. With this plan, HostGator also offers you a private SSL and a complete dedicated IP to run your websites safely and securely. Each server starts at $6.28 (£5.1) a month for up to 3 years & then the price increases.

One of the major benefits of hosting your website on HostGator is the aspect of scalability. In case, your site is failing to handle a specific number of visitors at any particular instance, then you can easily scale up your site from a 6 core 6 GB RAM package to an 8 core 8 GB RAM package or more. Depending on your particular need, you can simply upgrade your account to fit your respective needs.

3. A2 hosting

A2 Hosting (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Do you want a cloud hosting platform which offers you a complete variety of hosting solutions along with a blazing fast cloud hosting environment? Then look no further than the A2 hosting as it brings a multiple tier hosting solutions for all its users. One of the most attractive factors about A2 hosting is there remarkable pricing plan where there entry-level plan starts at a reasonable price tag of $5 per month. The Entry level plan features a 512 MB RAM speed, a good 20 GB storage and at least up to 2 TB of monthly data transfer. This is one of the best plans for low-tier website builders looking for a reasonable server option.


For those with a bit of budget and looking forward to investing a bit more in server management can always go for a mid-level plan. The mid level plan includes a variety of features which works best with small to medium sized businesses. The mid level plan offers 1 GB of RAM for server processing speed, 30 GB worth of storage and a whole lot more and a price of $10 per month. Also, for high tiered business owners, the A2 hosting brings the elite plan package which kicks the whole server process up a notch. It increases the storage up by 50 GB and costs around $15/month.


As per why we consider A2 hosting a reliable option for modern day website builders, it’s because A2 hosting brings unparalleled performance and speed for its digital customers. There are plenty of interesting server features on A2 hosting that makes it quite an interesting option for website builders. With A2 hosting, you get unlimited data transfer, Free SSL certification, powerful and reliable SSD solution, Turbo server speed, 24/7/365 technical support, optimized Site acceleration, OpCache/APC, Memcached, 3 available data centers, Free Cloudflare CDN, HTTP/2, SPDY, & Edge Side Include (ESI).


Also one of the special things about A2 hosting is that they offer anytime money back guarantee. It means that if you’re not satisfied with their service at any time and would like to cancel your subscription for any month, they will return you the money for that month and undo your subscription so you can easily start elsewhere. Here’s something that I believe no other hosting platform offers.

A2 Hosting brings 99.95% of website uptime.

If you haven’t tested the platform by yourself yet, now might just be the time. Give it a shot.

4. Site Ground

Site Ground (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Do you want to work with a hosting provider who is excellent in communication? If there is one thing where Siteground stands unparalleled compared to the rest, it’s the amazing support team that sits behind the desk to serve you. One of the most interesting things about SiteGround customer/technical support is that these technicians are highly responsive and very knowledgeable. If you’ve a server query that requires attention, they will adhere to your request right away and get in touch with you via phone, email or live chat support. Yes, with SiteGround, you won’t have to spend hours in waiting. They come to your aid right away from the moment you start searching for a response for your query.

Besides customer support, SiteGround is pretty well known for offering you a good website uptime. They guarantee that your website isn’t going to suffer any downtime. They have plenty of remarkable features to offer and that too at a fair price. Some of the things that make SiteGround a reliable host compared to others are unlimited bandwidth, one click WordPress installation, a complete tech support for WordPress experts, and a one-stop shop hosting and WordPress solution for everyone. Their servers are highly secure as they have interlaced security at every level. Also, they are quite popularly known as a company which offered PHP7 support for the first time along with their hosting.

Just like other platforms SiteGround also offers free SSL and LetsEncrypt certification.

When it comes to dedicated cloud servers, SiteGround stands a class apart. They have highly optimized dedicated servers which can deliver efficiency and high speed to its respective users.

Just like other cloud servers, SiteGround also has power-packed servers which are auto-scalable. At times, when you’re running a website you can often experience website traffic spikes. And when such a situation occurs, it is best that you’ve a server solution which you can easily scale up to your desires. SiteGround is a platform which allows you to handle traffic spikes quite proficient compared to others.

Another great thing about the platform is it’s easy to onboard process. Now, you don’t have to go through countless steps just to sign-up on SiteGround. The platform hardly takes a few seconds and voila, you’re onboard. They have a very easy step-by-step process to onboard new visitors on the site. SiteGround also comes with a FREE Cloudflare CDN which makes website fast and easy to access.

If you don’t know which cloud hosting solution is the best option for you, then choose Siteground.

5. Dreamhost

Dreamhost (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

How many times has it happened to you that you sign up for a server which offers all the interesting features but when it comes to pricing plans, your heart sinks and you think about shifting to some other alternative? If your web host packs all the interesting features to run a well optimized website with a remarkable speed but it fails to offer all of the necessary features at an affordable price, then it fails its position in the market as a successful platform. DreamHost is a powerful platform which promises to deliver the best performance to its visitors and that too at a very affordable price. After all it’s what makes DreamHost stand a class apart from the rest in the ever-growing cloud market.

The server packages on DreamHost start at a fair and affordable price of as low as up to $4.5/month. In fact, the most expensive server package on DreamHost doesn’t go beyond $100 per month.

As far as the question, what features make DreamHost a unique option in the cloud market? 


Dreamhost brings a variety of features for its customers. It offers FREE domain name, WP website builder, unlimited bandwidth and storage, advanced yet easy-to-use custom control panel, free privacy protection, automated backups, free privacy protection, fast SSD storage, free SSL certification, a guaranteed website up-time and a complete 97 day money back guarantee. If, at any point, you’re unsatisfied with the Dreamhost cloud service, you can discontinue at any point in 3-months time.

As far as the server performance is concerned, DreamHost servers are powered on next-generation processors, offer accelerated networking speed and all of its servers are based on SSD disks. Also, DreamHost servers are SSH ready and load in approximately less than 30 seconds. Each server that you purchase on DreamHost, it comes with unmetered bandwidth, has up to 16 GB of RAM, brings 4 CPU cores and a completely free SSL certificate. It also integrates the Dream Object plugin which offers seamless access to objects, secure WordPress backups and shortcuts to display images.

6. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Want a virtual private server instance in a dedicated cloud environment for your digital website? Look no further than a VPS server which offers you a complete dedicated environment in a virtualized network. The only difference is that you don’t have a dedicated hardware machine with a separate dedicated IP but all the same features in a virtualized environment. When it comes to VPS hosting, InMotion is quite a remarkable name in the market of VPS and has earned its upkeep over the years.

As far as the question is concerned, why businesses prefer Inmotion hosting over other hosting? It’s because of their remarkable customer service alongside server performance. Their technical support specialists are quite interactive and will get in touch with you through the Live Chat support they offer. Whether it’s day or night, their 24/7 live chat support is always active and you can get in touch with them. Not only can you get in touch with them through live chat support, but you can also get in touch with them through phone and emails. If you’re more of an introverted soul, which most developers are, you can always go for the ticket generation option. Still not savvy and want to find a solution all on your own? Well guess what, Inmotion hosting has a vast knowledge base through which you can find the solution of your server problem all on your own without the intervention of any technical support.

One of the main reasons why business prefer Inmotion hosting over other hosting services in the market is because it offers a world-class customer service experience. It offers 24/7 live chat support to the users, support through phone, support through ticket generation and have a comprehensive knowledge base to explore the issue on your own. Even if you don’t want to interact, you can resolve.

Right now, Inmotion hosting offers a flat 50% OFF for its VPS plans and offers a website builder along. The cloud VPS for this particular hosting service starts at $5 and goes as high as up to $160. The platform scores amazing for added features such as Free domains, backup, unlimited emails, website, unmetered CPU cores, & root access. If you want some help on offers, the support on it is also great.

Do you want a hosting which offers complete customer support? How about InMotion hosting.

7. Clook

Clook (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

If you’re seeking a managed cloud server with a bit of few extra perks such as managed caching and PHP/Apache modules integration, Clook is your go-to server instance. With Clook, you get a fully managed cloud server where every small and big functionalities of your servers are managed under the supervision of expert specialists. Clook has trained a team of specialists who are working tirelessly behind the curtains to offer a remarkable hosting experience to its users. Their technical experts can administrate, monitor, update and maintain the server of their clients and customers.

Each server is laced with 35+ interesting services.

What does Clook cloud servers have to offer to its customers?


Well for starters if you’re planning to start your own website, you get a free temporary domain name. You also get a free LetsEncrypt SSL, an FTP access, SSH access, MySQL databases, daily backups, effective file management, custom errors, DNS Zone Editor, Switch Between PHP versions, and more. If you’ve a website up and running on Clook, then you can rest easy and sleep well at night as they have some of the best tech savvy experts who will ensure that your servers can stay up and running.

Another great benefit of running your website on Clook is that it offers complete liberty. It allows you to set all the desired features on cloud using a pay as you go model. All you have to do is set certain values such as how much memory you wish to consume, what amount of CPU cores you want, how much storage you’re looking for and once you’re successful in setting up these values then it will sum up and charge you an amount for every month. As a result, you can custom tailor your own server package as per your website requirement.

One thing that sets Clook apart from the rest of the hosting platforms in the market is hardware redundancy. By removing hardware redundancy, the platform ensures that if any of the hardware node malfunctions or see a particular failure, the website wouldn’t stop functioning but rather move to a different hardware node and cloud server. This migration will ensure that your website stays secure and does not suffer any downtime. Overall, the server becomes secure and you get a good uptime.

8. Cloudways

Cloudways (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

If there’s a hosting package that meets all the requirements of a fully managed server, it is none other but Cloudways. This is a remarkable hosting platform which similar to Clook works on a pay as you go model. If you’re wondering what this Pay as you Go model is, it is a service which allows you to set the requirement of your servers as per your choice by using a simple drag and drop tool. By setting the value as per your requirements, you can tweak it to the most desired settings and then start up.

On Cloudways, you can also choose the application of your choice and then run it on your desired server. For example, if you want to run a website based on Drupal and you want to host it on a Google Cloud Server (GCE), then you can launch Drupal on your desired server instance, set the values and launch it. Set the details like bandwidth, CPU, storage etc. and before you know, your web application will be up and running. Just make sure to check the price, if it fits your budget, launch the website.

Another great thing about running a server on Cloudways is that it is powered using a CDN. CDN allows quick delivery of content over different nodes around the world for fast website loading time. Today, we have mastered the global response time and it is a platform which integrates easily in a few handful of clicks.

Cloudways have a powerful CDN which delivers superior performance. It has mastered the global response time and it is a platform that can easily be integrated in just a few handful number of clicks. Speed is not the issue because Cloudways combine the power of Apache, Nginx and Varnish to deliver a remarkable server performance. You can get the performance by turning the Redis on. At the same time, they are also using PHP-FPM which dramatically increases the speed of your website.

9. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean (Key Takeaways)

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Digital Ocean has earned its name in the cloud market over a period of time. It offers virtual servers called “droplets” on Linux based instances. The servers are based on solid state drives. If it’s up time you want and a separate server instance then nothing serves the purpose as greatly as the Digital Ocean itself. It is the perfect cloud instance for the developer souls. Offering an intuitive control panel, predictable pricing plans, team accounts and more, Digital Ocean is your one shop-it-all solution.

Digital Ocean is actually a great platform because it offers 99.99% site up-time. But that’s not the only thing the server offers because it seamlessly goes beyond that. It offers a remarkable page loading time too for deploying a fast and responsive website. It has a ton of potential which makes Digital Ocean one of the favored cloud hosting platforms especially among developers. Another great thing about Digital Ocean are the pricing plans where you’ve the complete liberty to customize everything as per your requirement. With Digital Ocean, you can also backup your information and restore on time.

The server also offers you great security features which keeps your data protected end-to-end.

They have an optimized configuration process. The people behind DigitalOcean guarantees that they support all businesses with a 99.99% uptime SLA. Approximately 100,000 developers are using Digital Ocean around the world which makes it quite the subject of attention for web developers of tomorrow.

Are you interested in getting a server which offers the best hosting service in town? Get Digital Ocean. 

So there you go, here I believe are some of the best cloud hosting servers available in the market. We have taken some great amount of time to assemble this amazing list of cloud service providers. While some of these platforms may have features that outlast the others, each hosting has its own perks which sets them a class apart. Check all the features and see which cloud hosting is the best option.