What Makes Clook Cloud Hosting Stand a Call Apart?

While there are plenty of website hosts in the market, there is one that has earned its upkeep over the passage of time. The Clook web hosting service has been around for quite some time. It was launched back in 2002 where it had its humble beginnings by selling shared hosting plans. 

Who knew that in due time, the website host will transform itself into a powerful web hosting service with a range of different services. Today it has different server hosting services among which one of the reliable ones is cloud hosting.

While there are claims that the company has a reliable customer support and whatnot, I thought it would be best if I do a bit of research on my own. To help readers develop a better understanding, I have covered this Clook review on Cloud Hosting. So without further ado, let’s get into the details. 

As far as Clook’s Cloud Hosting Servers are concerned, here are some important highlights.

Clook (Key Takeaways)

ClookHosting Review

Plans start at $2.74/mo

Clook Offers Managed Cloud Hosting Servers

The Clook offers managed cloud services for its users. In managed cloud service, organizations have access to and share multiple resources, databases, hardware & software tools across a remote network through multiple servers. Instead of buying a single server, you can purchase a server in bits to suit your respective particular needs. You won’t have to invest a large sum in a single time but instead, you can invest your budget in chunks as per your pocket allows you and your requirements. 

In short, your cloud service is fully customizable and flexible so you can manage your resources.

How to Set Your Cloud Requirements on Clook? 

To set up your personal cloud server on Clook, you can start by visiting their website and then selecting the cloud server option from the top dashboard. They have an intuitive design that allows you to choose your server configurations as per your requirements through a drag-a-ticker model.

Clook Support Review

Why Should you Choose Clook as your Managed Cloud? 

They Use Enterprise Grade Hardware

If you want the most stable and reliable hosting environment for your cloud server, then Clook has quite a durable hardware to help you establish the perfect networking environment. They use the blade technology which allows them to share power supplies, cooling and other remote management components for server management/deployment. Every blade comes with a separate hard drive, its very own CPU, a motherboard and powerful RAM to act as a separate and independent server. 

If customizability is required, for that Clook uses rackmount servers which can be custom preset to design a much flexible specification for customers. They are relatively larger in sizes which allows them to store a greater number of hard-drives and at the same time create a more resilient network. Traditional rackmount servers that are used by Clook are manufactured and powered by Dell. Since Dell is in itself a reliable company so you don’t have to worry about any hardware failure experiences. 

Clook Offers a 30-Day Money Back Gaurantee

If you’re not satisfied with their server performances, or if you want to discontinue your service at any point in time, Clook brings a 30-Day money-back gaurantee. They will provide you a complete refund for up to 30 days from the first day you place your order with Clook. Unlike other hosting services, they will not even ask a reason why and will refund back your money without any questions asked.

Clook offer Scale as You Grow Server Offers

If you’re running a website that you believe is going to eventually grow, then Clook is a reliable option. As your website starts observing more and more online traffic, you will observe that the need for more space and bandwidth will become imminent. Clook offers you to scale as you grow offer which allows you to automatically scale up your server as the requirements increase. If your website starts seeing increased traffic, just connect up with a service representative at Clook and ask them to increase it. 

Clook offers CPanel so you can Configure Servers

While many cloud hosting platforms may not provide you the liberty to run a cPanel because they take up the responsibility of server management upon themselves, Clook is an entirely different fish of the same pond. Alongside fully managed cloud hosting service, Clook offers you a separate CPanel so that you can configure your servers as per requirement. Here’s a perk that most cloud servers may not offer but with Clook, you can have complete access to CPanel and control server settings accordingly. 

Clook offers you Spam and Virus Protection

When you’re hosting a website on a server, spam and virus protection is one of the major concerns. However, when you’re doing it with Clook, you can put away these headaches because the guys at Clook will make sure that your website is safe and secure from unwanted spammy messages. They remove all duplicated and redundant content/also observe high-end security for your servers. They have a custom-built design that works on a clustered system to offer high accuracy security for you.

Clook offers Complete Server Management

Even though you have the access to your server’s CPanel, Clook still ensures that they will manage everything from setting up your server to maintaining it properly. Good server management ensures that your server is in the right hands and is handled by high-end professionals. At Clook, they take up the responsibility of managing the servers and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it one bit. But claims are after all claims, and we can’t say for sure unless you test it yourself and decide on own.

In Conclusion

In final words, Clook is one of the UK’s reliable web hosting platforms. They have robust hardware and offers a managed cloud solution. They claim that they have active customer support as well as they handle everything server related for you. They follow a Pay-as-you-Go model which allows you to customize your own server plans as per your website requirements. In case, your website starts seeing an increased amount of traffic, then Clook allows you to scale your servers up as per your choice. So here’s everything that I believe you should know about Clook before deciding to purchase. Until next time, cheers.