Digital Ocean Review: What Makes Digital Ocean Standout From the Rest 

If you’re looking for a reliable cloud hosting platform located in the USA, then DigitalOcean is one of the most optimum choices for you. This USA based cloud web hosting solution is a one size fit all for all the individuals seeking to run a web-based/API platform which is fully equipped with active services. It has one of the most reliable and highly modified networking infrastructures deployed in their respective servers. Not only these infrastructures make their servers blazing fast and performance-optimized, but at the same time, they also make your servers highly responsive, efficient and scalable. Today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of this reliable cloud host. At the same time, we will shed some light on its features and functionalities as well as their respective plans. 

Are you interested in employing a reliable cloud hosting solution for your digital business? 

Here is a complete DigitalOcean review to give you a detailed insight. 

What Makes DigitalOcean Unique? 

While there are plenty of cloud hosting solutions present in the market, there are only a few handfuls of cloud servers that are actually capable of delivering the right hosting environment for businesses. 

Among such many names, DigitalOcean is a reliable one. As per what makes DigitalOcean unique?

A Bit About their Plans & Pricing

Just like many other web hosting platforms on the Internet, DigitalOcean also has some interesting pricing plans. They offer both monthly and hourly plan options. Based on whatever you think is best for your website, you can make the choice. The most affordable DigitalOcean plan starts at $5 per month which includes 1 Core Processor with 512 MB Memory and a 20 GB SSD Storage. 

As far as the remaining plan is concerned, kindly take a look at the snippet below. 

There are two more important things which I believe are worth mentioning here. 

DigitalOcean does not have a refund policy. So if you’re planning to cancel your account, do remember that the money you invest will not be refunded back to you at any cost. And the second one is regarding payments; all payments on DigitalOcean will be accepted in the form of debit/credit cards. 

DigitalOcean Server Performance

One of the major pluses about hosting your website on DigitalOcean is that they offer 100% website uptime. Website uptime is a crucial element as it ensures that your business is up and running. 

As far as the page load speed is concerned, DigitalOcean offers acceptable performance. A simple website with a theme and a plugin, when tested on Pingdom, showed that it only took just a second.

A Brief Outline of Important Features

As you might be wondering now what are the main core features which DigitalOcean offers to you as their customers, here is a brief insight on some of the important features which you get with them. 

Bandwidth – With DigitalOcean Plans, you get a bandwidth of as much as up to 1 GB FREE. In case, your bandwidth exceeds the limit, then you have to pay a very minimum amount per GB for usage. 

Disk Space – If you look at their pricing plans, you will realize that even their smallest package offers at least 20 GB SSD Disk space which goes up to 960 GB SSD storage depending on your chosen plan. 

RAM – Just like Disk Space varies from plan to plan, the RAM on DigitalOcean also varies from one plan to another. Starting at 512 MB Memory and going up to as much as 96 GB depending on the plan. 

Processor – Last but not least is the processors. These increase gradually in core as you move up from one package to another. As your website scales up on traffic, your processing becomes faster. 

Let’s Shed Some Light on Customer Support

As for Customer Support, the requests or queries generated on DigitalOcean are mostly governed through an Email ticketing system. In case, your problem is very critical, then there is an option labeled “Critical” for you to make the most. By selecting this option, you raise the red flag and their support team will adhere to your problem first. Certain problems are very crucial because they can bring your site down. These problems require quick attention, and since there is no Live Chat or direct calling support, you’re left with very little or no choice in particular to handle them. At times as such, if you’re running a website on DigitalOcean, the best thing to do here is raise the red flag by selecting Critical.

However, while they are unable to provide you Live Chat support, they are very active on Social Media platforms. You can reach out to them through Twitter. If you don’t find a response quick enough from their website, how about you leave them a decent tweet and they will respond to your query efficiently. 

They have an active blog to educate the masses. An active forum where other users can help. A knowledge base where you can learn about the problems and a set of tutorials to guide you.

Do you Know that DigitalOcean has a Money Back Guarantee? 

While there are plenty of hosting platforms in the market, only a few handfuls of them do offer some kind of credit returns in case things aren’t working out between you and the hosting providers. However, with DigitalOcean, the story is remarkably different. DigitalOcean offers you a complete money back guarantee just in case if you’re not practically satisfied with their performance. They do claim that they offer complete money-back guarantee, but their policy bleakly mentions that they will charge you for the first month, while the rest of the money will be transferred to your account. 

So if you’ve purchased a yearly package from DigitalOcean and you weren’t quite satisfied with their service during the first month, you can always cashback your entire amount leaving the first month. 

DigitalOcean Important Features

Every single cloud host on the Internet greatly differs from another based on the interesting features which it has to offer. With DigitalOcean, you also get some really interesting features as well. 

Consistent Monitoring

One of the interesting things about using DigitalOcean is its integrated tool which simplifies the aspect of monitoring. You can track all system-level metrics and view them in a graphical format all thanks to the amazing toolset which DigitalOcean has to offer. It allows you to easily track performance, set up important alerts so you get notified right when you’re needed to be notified. And guess what, you can do all that from a single control panel. 

Get Cloud Firewalls

With DigitalOcean, you also get cloud firewalls that allow you to secure your site infrastructure. While other hosting platforms may limit you on the growth of cloud firewalls, DigitalOcean scales up as you grow your business gradually. You can track the entire view using a single centralized viewing page. There are multiple other options with which you can easily tweak around such as deciding which ports are required to be open, and which list of IPs you should be whitelisting. Plus, the setting up process of the Cloud Firewalls is fairly easy which you can do from their easy-to-interact dashboard. 

These Cloud Firewalls are quite the added benefits for your website, especially during the staging. 

Automated Backups

The DigitalOcean easy-to-use dashboard also offers you affordable and easy automated backups. With DigitalOcean, you can easily perform automatic, system-level backup based on intervals. These intervals can be regular so in case, at any certain point in time you want to recall information, you can select the interval and revert your site data back to that particular point. Also, the price on every backup is 20% of the cost of the virtual machine so it’s a win-win for your digital business.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re searching for a stable cloud hosting provider for your digital business, then in my opinion, DigitalOcean is quite an amazing cloud hosting platform. It has all the necessary features to ensure that your website can have the ultimate hosting experience on the Internet. 

They usually call their cloud server instances as Droplets, so if you visit their website and start researching about them, you will realize how perfectly they have interlinked everything with Droplets. 

It simply makes learning the Internet world a whole lot interactive and interesting. 

Are you searching for a stable host for your online website? Why don’t you give a try to DigitalOcean.