9 Best Free Best Web Hosting Services in 2020

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Everybody from a lay man to a business owner needs a webhosting when they decide to establish their online presence. If you want to create your portfolio website , personal blog or a professional ecommerce website, you will definitely need a reliable web hosting service.

There are dozens of web hosting services and their price rates vary according to the package. But for students or professionals who want to create their personal blog with no investment of money, it’s a little tricky as various factors need to be considered before making a decision. For example: Uptime, data center  location, Storage, bandwidth, etc.

In this article, you will find best free web hosting services to just start your website and begin your online presence:

1: Weebly:

Weebly Free Web Hosting

Weebly is often considered as a site building tool. It is actually a new generation of site builder slash web hosts.

Reasons to Choose Weebly:

  • It provides Free SSL security which is also considered as a ranking factor in SERPs.
  • It’s a free website builder, So, you may start your website for free.
  • It doesn’t pin your mind with excessive advertisements being an ad free hosting.
  • It provides mobile app builders as well so you may launch a mobile app as well.
  • It provides 500mb disk space with proprietary databases and control panels
  • Weebly Community support is good enough and can be reached via live chat or email..

2: Wix:

Wix Free Web Hosting

Wix is one of the oldest website builders. It’s very easy to use and is perfect for newbies.

Reasons To Choose Wix:

  • You can easily launch an ecommerce store with it.
  • It offers a free website builder which you actually desire.
  • It offers free amazing templates that can add value to your website.
  • It gives you wix apps as well to add more options in your website.
  • It provides 500 mb each disk space and bandwidth along with a proprietary database and control panel.

3: OOOwebhost:

000webhost free web hosting

000Webhost  is one of the oldest free web hosting services entertaining users with free packages since 2007. Their model works in a way that free web hosting services are actually supported by paid part of the business. Hence, it is advantageous in a case that you start a business website for free and when things work , you start scaling and paying the company according to the need.

Reasons To Choose OOOwebhost:

  • It provides auto installer for Joomla, WordPress and Other CMS
  • It provides ad free hosting so your users will not bounce back.
  • It also provides PHP and MySQL Databases support.
  • It’s a free website builder so you don’t need to spend a single penny..
  • It provides disk space 1GB along with bandwidth 10GB.
  • It provides two MySQL Databases.
  • Cpanel also comes up with the package.
  • It provides a 99% uptime guarantee even in a free package.

4: Freehostia:

Freehostia web hosting

Freehostia has been serving the web hosting community for more than 10 years. They emphasized alot on Load balanced cluster technology vs standalone servers. They offer high end services like dedicated servers hosting.

Reasons To Choose Freehostia:

  • They offer free web hosting.
  • They provide PHP and MySQL database support.
  • They provide an Auto installer for popular content management systems..
  • The package comes up with 250MB disk space and 6GB bandwidth.
  • They provide 1 MySQL database.
  • They provide 99.9% uptime even in a free hosting package.

5: 5GB Free:

5GN Free Web Hosting

5GBfree hosting offers the latest technology frameworks including cloudlinux, PCI,SAS 70 and ‘equipement 70 type 2 certified data center. Like 000webhost,it also provides free accounts the opportunity to scale as they grow.

Reasons To Choose 5GB host:

  • It provides community support.
  • It provides support via knowledge base as well.
  • This is also an Ad-free hosting.
  • It provides PHP & MySQL databases support.
  • It comes with an auto installer feature.
  • It provides 5GB disk space along with 20GB bandwidth.
  • They provide 3 MySQL databases and a Cpanel control panel as well.

6: Awardspace:

Awardspace Free Web Hosting

Awardspace has been offering web hosting services since 2004. They have been working on their plans to withstand the competition. Recently they have redesigned the website.

Reasons To Choose Awardspace host:

  • It offers a free website builder.
  • It’s an Ad free hosting so you will not irritate anyhow.
  • It gives auto installers like Joomla, WordPress, etc.
  • It provides SPAM protection.
  • It provides 1GB disk space along with 5GB bandwidth.
  • It comes up with an advanced control panel.
  • It provides 1 MySQL Database.
  • A service level agreement at 99.9% is also offered.
  • Refund policy within 30 days is provided with no questions.

7: FreeHosting.com

Free Web Hosting

Freehosting website offers free hosting as evident from the domain name but free keywords look stuffed on this site as well.

Reasons To Choose Freehosting.com:

  • It offers a free website builder.
  • This is also an ad free hosting
  • It provides PHP & MySQL Database support.
  • It comes up with an auto installer option for Joomla and WordpRess.
  • It offers 10GB disk space along with unlimited bandwidth.
  • It offers 1 MySQL database.
  • Also the package comes up with Cpanel controls.
  • It offers a 30 day grace period to the paid account users for refunds.

8: Byet Host

Byet Free Hosting

Byet host claims to be the fastest free web hosting on the planet. The reason could be server processing time. Byet hosts offer many features just for free which makes it a much amazing free web hosting service.

Reasons To Choose Byet host:

  • It’s an ad-free hosting.
  • It comes up with an auto installer for Joomla , WordPress, etc.
  • It provides MySQL and  PHP support.
  • They provide 24/7 support to even free accounts.
  • They provide 5GB disk space along with unlimited bandwidth.
  • It provides a vistapanel as a control panel.
  • It provides 5 MySQL databases..

9: Dreamnix:

Dreamnix Free Hosting

Dreamnix is considered as almost a free web hosting service due the reason that they have few very prominent limitations in the free version. They actually promotes the concept of “try before buy”.

Reasons To Choose Dreamnix:

  • It’s an ad free hosting
  • They provide an auto installer with WordPress.
  • They offer SSD powered servers.
  • They offer PHP and MySQL database support.
  • They provide 1GB disk space along with 1GB bandwidth.
  • They offer Cpanel and 1 MySQL Database.
  • The paid package emphasizes more on money back guarantee.
  • Their brand is strong enough in the world despite having only 3 data center locations.

Wrapping up!

I am sure now you can make a better decision after reading about the best free web hosting services. They all are good for starting a website but for long run of a business typically an ecommerce store or a news website go for a paid plan. If you can afford, then the best option is to go for dedicated servers hosting in order to ensure cyber security at optimum level . Second option is to have at least a reliable cloud hosting service to ease your end user by better uptime and load speed.

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