Is it the Best Cloud Hosting Platform of 2020?

As we are moving into the future, the need for more personalized solutions has become imminent. We live in a day and age where everyone wants to feel special and brands these days are cashing that. 

Such is the case with the online world. 

Today, the online world has become massive and has more than a billion websites. While back in the days hosting a website was all about getting a shared hosting server instance and configuring all the resources as per your requirements. 

Now, things have dramatically changed. 

We are now living in the era of cloud computing. Everything in the cloud infrastructure has become virtualized. And because of this immense virtualization, several server hosting solutions have made their way into the ever growing web infrastructure. Among many such hosting platforms, we have one called HostNoc. 

HostNoc is a reliable server renting solution which provides server spaces to multiple businesses so they can host their website in the cloud. They have several hosting options from shared hosting solutions to cloud web hosting solutions. But that’s just about what every other cloud hosting solution on the Internet is offering right? So what makes HostNoc a class apart from the rest? 

Let’s find out.

Hostnoc (Key Takeaways)

What Features Make HostNoc the Best Hosting Solution? 

They Observe Your Server Performance

While many hosting solutions on the Internet comes with simply renting you up with a space to host your website, HostNoc also offers complete server management. It is one of the strong suits of hosting your website on the HostNoc platform. Their agile team of customer support is skilled in delivering class-apart technical support to their consumers around the world. The team for HostNoc at the back-end will keep track of all your server activities and identify potential threats. Once they find potential loopholes in your website, they inform you to take precautionary measures and foolproof your server so no threat can harm the integrity and security of your digital platform. 

They Review Incoming IP Traffic to your Website

Bottlenecking of your website and other related network performance issues can seriously hurt the end-user experience and can put a stop on the productivity of your website. And when such an event happens you’re frantically trying to reach the root cause of the problem so you can easily remove it. Here’s where packet sniffers can come in real handy who can analyze your network traffic and help you identify these root cause successfully. At HostNoc, the teams behind the servers are capable of reviewing all incoming IP traffic to your website and ensures that no harmful element infects you. They aren’t only skilled in identifying the root cause of the problem but are also able to fix it for you.

HostNoc Brings Powerful Network Accessibility

HostNoc offers commendable network accessibility to their respective end-users. It has a hub of a local network which interconnects some of the key distributors around the world. By having a strongly interconnected network of data centers sprinkled around the world, HostNoc makes accessibility of connecting with the service provider for its end-users as easy as it gets. By interconnecting multiple nodes and instances, HostNoc believes in delivering quality hosting service to its customers around the world. It’s one of the reasons why HostNoc is able to deliver countless server spaces to people. Each website hosted on the platform is governed by a team of experts monitoring the access points. 

HostNoc offers 99.99% Website Uptime

One of the major concerns for major brands launching their website on different servers is downtime. If you’re running an eCommerce store or a journalism based website with thousands of daily visitors, experiencing a website downtime can seriously hurt your business. While many hosts on the Internet claim that they offer a 99.99% website Uptime to their visitors only a few handfuls of such platforms are actually able to do so. HostNoc is one such platform which offers 99.99% website uptime and makes sure that the people working at the backend ensures the delivery of such a service. They are constantly working day/night around the clock to deliver a seamless website experience to the users. 

HostNoc Also Reports Disk Usage Analysis

While other hosting platforms charge a fixed package and provide you with online tools to monitor your own disk usage, HostNoc takes the responsibility upon themselves to monitor your disk usage. Based on your preference and your requirements, the customer support working at the backend of HostNoc can produce a complete disk usage analysis report so you can track your progress in a single file rather than keeping track of everything on a day to day basis. It does remove the element of real-time tracking but instead provides you with a single time report which will help you analyze your site usage data much more effectively. HostNoc believes in giving the bird’s eye view to site owners.

HostNoc Cloud Hosting Discount on Their Official Website

Do you know that there is a discount offer right now on HostNoc’s official website?

There is a flat 50% OFF on their official website which they are offering on all their managed cloud servers. It’s not only the cloud servers but if you visit their official website, you will find that there are plenty of discount offers on just about any server type which you want to purchase. Also, when you purchase one of their digital servers, you may observe that they are charging at least a month FREE on every subscription. If you take a 12-month subscription, you get at least 2 months FREE with them. 

So here’s a perk that is quite lucrative about their service.

You get all the interesting resources which you’re getting from other hosting platforms at half the price.

About HostNoc’s Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloud hosting has become very common these days. And what intrigues us more is which particular solution is the best option. HostNoc comes with a complete managed cloud hosting solution which makes it stand a class apart from the rest of the cloud hosting services.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting Service

When website owners do not want to involve themselves with the hassle of server management, then they opt-in for a managed cloud hosting option. At HostNoc, the technical support team similarly takes off the hassle of server management from the brand’s in-house IT team in order to let them solely focus on internal server management. As a result, brands are able to work on optimizing the site design, work on the branding elements, and focus on usability and interaction. 

Getting a managed cloud hosting solution for your business is the same as killing two birds with a single stone. Not only does it take away your burdens of server management but for all those who think that they will have to pay extra for servers, management can put their worries aside. A Managed Cloud Hosting is a cost-effective solution and is custom-tailored to compliment your businesses.

What Do You Get with Managed Cloud Hosting? 

You Can Save Extra Spendings

One of the leading benefits of getting a managed cloud hosting solution for your online business is the robust cost-cutting. With a managed cloud hosting solution, you don’t have to spend a fortune of budget on network maintenance costs. All server maintenance and management are basically handled by the service provider itself. As a result, you don’t have to invest in setting up an IT infrastructure within your organization or hire a number of individuals to manage your server resources. By employing a service as HostNoc can simply save thousands of dollars which you were about to spend on setting up an internal IT management team for server management. 

You Get Customized Plans to Spend

Another great benefit of having a website on a managed cloud server is that you can build custom plans as per your choice. While an internal IT team will shave off a good amount of your finances every month, a managed cloud hosting plan will only require you to invest a limited budget as per your requirements. So basically, when your website observes a traffic spike, you can upgrade and scale your servers to manage the incoming traffic. You will know which seasons will require more investment and as a result, you will purchase a higher package for your businesses accordingly. When you have an in-house team working for you, then there’s no chance that you will have such delicacies. Here, you will be confined to pay a fixed amount every month as well as spend on other resources. 

Network Centralization for All Applications

A managed cloud hosting solution will provide you a centralized environment to manage all your applications and servers through a single data center. It will give you absolute network availability which will help your employees to become more productive. So, in case, if you’ve teams that are working remotely, they can experience the same networking environment which your in-house teams can, all thanks to Managed Cloud hosting. At HostNoc, network accessibility is considered very important which is why the talented individuals working at the back-end mostly spend their time optimizing server uptime and performance for end-users by building backups and storages as well. 

A Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

If you want to maintain business continuity, it is important that you have a seamless infrastructure that does not crash. But, in case, if your server does crash, it is best that you have a disaster recovery plan in place. It stores your website data and information on a remote server node as a backup. Just in case, if your website data is lost or the data center in which your website data is centralized gets damaged, a disaster recovery plan can come in handy to recall all important information in just a few clicks. At HostNoc, you can discuss the terms of a disaster recovery plan with their technical support. They will provide you with all the necessary information required to establish a disaster recovery plan.

Concluding Thoughts

HostNoc rents server spaces to those businesses who are looking forward to launching their websites in a stable server environment. As far as their managed cloud hosting solution is concerned, they took away the burdens of server management from their client’s shoulders. Like many other hosting platforms, they guarantee maximum site uptime of 99.99% and a fully functional performance oriented server space. They have different hosting plans which provide a lot of options for the users. If you’re seeking a reliable host with the best hosting environment, then look no further than HostNoc.