Importance of Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Fault tolerance refers to the potential of a system(Cloud cluster, network, computer) which leads it to keep operating without interruption in case of failure of one or more of its components.  The main purpose of establishing fault tolerant ecosystems is to avoid disruptions caused by a single point of failure. Also , to ensure business […]

What is a Proxy Server and How Does It Work?

Cyber world provides an opportunity to not only give your company an effective online presence but also to showcase your business in front of millions of people. Many of the institutions’ are already getting benefit from this opportunity including marketing agents, individuals, government portals, educational institutions, etc.  This online world also provides them necessary tools […]

Redis Vs MemCached ; Which One Is Good To Use?

Memcached or Redis? Which one to Choose? It’s a difficult decision for a developer to select between the two types of cache systems. In this article you will learn about the benefits of each along with similarities and reasons to choose any of them.  If you need better performance of your application then fast caching […]

What is SSL Certificate And Why You Should Install It?

ssl certificate

Have you ever imagined the scenario,  if somebody visits your website and get a message like following image.: Definitely, your visitor or customer will bounce back with the impression that you visit is not secure enough to visit or place any order.  Sure;y, you don’t want to lose your customers. In order to avoid your […]

Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

cloud computing

A Complete Cloud Computing Tutorial for beginners As the title suggests , you will learn everything about cloud computing through this article including characteristics, history, benefits and drawbacks. Moreover, you will learn about a list of companies that are actually working on cloud computing deployment models. Cloud Computing Definition: Cloud computing is about storing , […]

9 Best Free Best Web Hosting Services in 2020

looking for free hosting

Everybody from a lay man to a business owner needs a webhosting when they decide to establish their online presence. If you want to create your portfolio website , personal blog or a professional ecommerce website, you will definitely need a reliable web hosting service. There are dozens of web hosting services and their price […]

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Cloud

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has significantly impacted the world by enabling data access from anytime anywhere in a secured environment.  However, there have been concerns of companies over lack of control and privacy due to easy access of public cloud servers. Hence, the world is moving towards hybrid cloud hosting technology to ensure data security to an […]

How to Improve Your Website During Quarantine

Improve Your Website During Quarantine

The world’s economy is facing bad times due to the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses are either closing or laying off their employees as they are not able to produce capital in fact they are going into losses. This is one of the historic hard times for businesses worldwide. Coronavirus pandemic has forced many of employees to […]