What Does SiteGround Offer in Cloud Hosting Plans? 

SiteGround is one of many hosting platforms that offer managed cloud hosting to its users. In a managed cloud, you don’t have to worry about managing the features or getting into the technicalities of optimizing and configuring your cloud server to fit your requirements. In fact, they bring an easy-to-use dashboard which allows the user to make the decisions as easy as just a click of a button. 

The following are the plans that are offered by SiteGround as a part of their managed cloud hosting. 

What Do You Get with SiteGround Cloud Hosting?

When you host your website in the SiteGround’s cloud servers, you get, 

You Get Ultra-Fast Speed

One of the important benefits of hosting your website on the SiteGround cloud server is that each of their servers exists on a separate lightweight Linux container. Linux based containers are known for their isolated nature in the server market which makes them effectively unique and intensively secure. All the containers of SiteGround are running on SSD disks which makes the server processing at least 30% faster and more efficient compared to the rest of the servers. What’s more? When you launch a website on one of the cloud servers on SiteGround, you have a dedicated CPU and a fast performing RAM for your website. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have a shared CPU or RAM to create loopholes in your website speed and performance. 

You Can Easily Scale Up Business

Does your website experience a surge of web traffic now and then? With SiteGround, you can quickly scale up your server resources with just a click of a button. Increase your RAM/CPU or the space of your cloud as per your requirement, whenever you want, wherever you want. Once you have added the extra resources to your cloud, you don’t have to reboot your server to let the implementations take place. Also, the platform comes with an auto-scaling feature for RAM/CPU. If you’re not available to scale up your business manually, you can select the auto-scale function, so when your website experiences a sudden surge of network traffic, then it can automatically accommodate. You can set the desired values for RAM/CPU beforehand as per your budget and host care-free. 

You Get Easy Sub-Account Management

SiteGround offers unlimited sub-account options for its customers. You can host as many sub-accounts on a single platform as you want, and you can manage them all through a single dashboard. Every sub-account you launch will have a separate control panel to manage them. All of your sub-accounts are easily manageable by your customers independently from a master cloud account.   

You Get Fully Managed Service

Unlike other hosting platforms where you’ve to add different resources to ensure your cloud server is up and running, SiteGround offers you a fully managed stack. It includes CentOS, Apache/Nginx, managed PHP versions, MySQL, and Postgre support. So when you launch your website on SiteGround, the server is pre-configured and adequately optimized to give you the best page load time. Also, a managed cloud service ensures that your website remains safe and secure. Therefore, SiteGround closely monitors all network traffic to avoid DDoS attacks, SPAM, and malicious online activities from hurting your server system.

What is SiteGround’s Server Response Time? 

Several factors ensure that your website is running at an optimal level and one of these many interesting factors is none other but server response time. Many website owners often fall under false pretense when they test their websites on SiteGround servers that their websites are running slow. What they fail to realize is that it is not the server that is causing the problem, but it’s the website itself. Some users use high-resolution images within their website which becomes a leading cause of slow page loading time. And when it comes to servers, they don’t usually realize this particular fact. 

Hence, I was compelled to perform research on my own and came across the blog published by WP Beginner. The blog covered a lot of details on the SiteGround servers including their server response time which they measured using a tool called the BitCatcha. What were the results? Have a look. 

So as you can see, the response time for the SiteGround servers around the world is relatively good (well except for Japan). 

What are the Pros of Hosting Websites on SiteGround?

If you’re wondering what are the advantages of hosting your website on SiteGround, then here are a few that will definitely make you think twice to make the choice of shifting your website to SiteGround. 

A 100% Website Uptime for Your Digital Business

Good website uptime is a crucial element and a deciding factor for your digital business. While a majority of hosting platforms claim that they are offering the best website uptime, when it comes to service delivery then they often fall short on meeting their respective promises. If you’re using SiteGround, then have complete faith because SiteGround offers 100% website uptime for all their customers. 

The Hosting Speed on SiteGround is Considerably Good

Hardware plays an important role especially when they are associated with your server. Your website speed and performance greatly depends on what kind of hardware does your hosting provider utilize to launch your cloud servers. At SiteGround, they are quite popularly known for using SSD disks instead of the usual HDD. They also use the best optimizers and security protocols like SG Optimizer & HTTP/2 to deliver high-speed servers to their respective customers so they can have a good time.

The SiteGround Dashboard is Very Intuitive to Use

SiteGround also brings a very easy to use dashboard for its customers. User-interface is an important factor for establishing the right relationship between customers and service providers, and nobody understands the purpose as effectively as SiteGround does. Alongside an interactive user-interface, SiteGround also brings a variety of features for their customers so they can make their servers more optimized and better in performance in order to give a remarkable experience to their online visitors. 

Customer/Technical Support at SiteGround is Amazing

While many hosting platforms claim that they have robust customer/technical support, they often fall short in delivering the right support to their customers. Often they are unavailable to attend live chat support or they are too preoccupied with solving customer queries. In case you’re using SiteGround, then that’s certainly not the case because these guys are available 24/7 to assist you. Not only that, but they have a remarkably vast knowledge base with plenty of tutorials and guides which are helpful. 

SiteGround Brings Free Migration to You

Site Migration is an important step because without migration you won’t be able to host your website on the desired server, which in our case right now is SiteGround’s cloud servers. While many cloud hosting providers charge an additional fee for site migration, SiteGround’s GrowBig plan doesn’t charge even a single dime and does the job absolutely FREE. However, don’t forget that this option is only available for a single-time migration. The next time you migrate, these guys will charge you for it. 

SiteGround has DataCenters around the World

How is SiteGround service capable of delivering the best server response time to all its visitors? The secret lies in its strategically placed data centers around the world. SiteGround takes pride because they are successful in placing three different data centers in America, Europe, and Asia to serve their customers. So at the time of launching up your server, you can select the server nearest to your place. 

What are the Cons of Hosting Websites on SiteGround?

Just as there are some great values that SiteGround adds up for you as a host, so are their potential cons to every host as well. What are the factors that we don’t find attractive in SiteGround, let’s check? 

Limited Storage

One of the things that isn’t quite attractive about SiteGround is that their plans come with fixed storage. Even though the provided storage has plenty of space to accommodate website data and network traffic, but still, there are still conditions where you would want to increase your storage space. For example, if you’re running an eCommerce store and there is a sudden surge in traffic, there’s a high chance that you might run low on storage space. The only option you have is to change your package.  

Setup Fee for Monthly Billing

Do you know that SiteGround charges an additional $14.95 worth of setup cost when billing monthly? The only way to evade this extra charge is to signup with them on a longer package to avail of a better discount. Also, here you won’t have to pay anything extra for setup costs. So I always recommend that if you’re opting in for SiteGround as your preferred cloud host, try their service for a month and see if it fits your budget. You can refund back your investments anytime you want, thanks to money-back guarantee. 

Concluding Thoughts

No wonder SiteGround is among the most reliable and well known hosting platforms in the market. It comes with a ton of exciting features and guarantees absolute uptime with superior performance. With reasonable price packages compared to other similar hosting platforms, it has earned its upkeep gradually over time. So if you’re looking for a fast and reliable hosting service for your websites, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. They have a hosting plan for every budget, and each plan offers plenty of interesting features. And on the plus side, their customer support is quite supportive. 

So that’s all for the day, until next time. Cheers.