What is a Proxy Server and How Does It Work?

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Cyber world provides an opportunity to not only give your company an effective online presence but also to showcase your business in front of millions of people.

Many of the institutions’ are already getting benefit from this opportunity including marketing agents, individuals, government portals, educational institutions, etc. 

This online world also provides them necessary tools so that they may improve their speed and security. 

Various countries have their own restrictions on internet access according to their national policy. 

But most of the professionals prefer to use either proxy server or a dedicated business vpn to overcome the limitations. 

Both these options have one thing in common and its IP hiding but they have their own merits and demerits. 

In this article, you will learn about proxy server’s types, significance ,its working and benefits. . 

What is a Proxy Server and How Does It Work?

A Proxy server acts as a middle layer or say a gateway between a website and the user’s device. When a website is going to be accessed, the device and the network sends a request, then HTTPs validates it. Proxy server processes the request made by a user so that the real information might be hidden from the users.

Hence, it increases privacy as well as the opportunity to access websites which are not normally accessed. There are many Proxy servers available in the market but they have speed issues. So, it is highly recommended to choose a proxy server after extensive research. Proxy servers are preferred by multinational companies for their day to day tasks.  Proxy servers may also help with geo tagging of marketing content for the companies

Types of Proxy Servers:

There are 3 main types of proxy servers which are as follows:

Forward Proxy Server:

They are commonly used by internal networks. When a request is sent by the client to connect with a website for browsing then it comes to the forward proxy server first.

This request is required to pass through a forward proxy server and then a decision is made whether to proceed this request or not.

Afterwards connections require to go to the external server accordingly. 

It’s not able to view the IP address of the client except the connection request sent from forward proxy servers. It offers many benefits.

If you want to really make a system authoritative and fully administrative then you should think to choose a forward proxy server. 

You may consider a forward server as a firewall which helps in restricting unwanted web resources by internal network clients. Forward proxy servers are most commonly used in education institutes. 

Reverse Proxy Server:

Reverse proxy server works on the side of a website which works towards hiding IPs from users within the internet network. Reverse proxy servers make decisions whether web users should be able to see content of a website, specific service or not. 

Reverse proxy server provides dozens of benefits as compared to forward proxy servers. It makes servers more secure in order to avoid cyber-attacks on the internal servers. 

It also acts as load balancer due to dispersing data stored between internal servers. Reverse servers avoid overloading of connection requests and keeps websites safe from crashing. 

Open Proxy Server:

These servers allow requests forwarding by internet users. On the contrary, they work in receiving responses from websites. They hide the original IP address from the web. 

They don’t require authentication and prevent websites from abuses or malware infections as well. 

Significance of Proxy servers:

The significance of proxy servers can be better understood by the following parameters:

Controlling And Tracking Data flow:

It is very important to track and control data passing through servers. Proxy servers allow online businesses to track and control data flowing through the server effectively. 

Hence, website owners may control data flowing through their website. The websites which are unsuccessful in controlling data flowing through their server might be giving more than what they actually should. 

Hence proxy servers may add great value to the privacy and security of online businesses. Online businesses must take care of the data they send and receive through their websites. Also, they should know what kind of data is actually coming to their websites. 

Robust performance:

Proxy servers help accessing websites in a much faster way. It’s actually done by finding a website which allows downloading of pages to the server. Hence, it improves the performance of the network and makes websites faster. Also, it will increase productivity and the sales revenue ultimately. It allows organizations to use network resources in the best possible way. 

Load Balancing:

It is one of the major concerns of many website owners. The situation arises when attackers create bots to send unlimited and impossible traffic numbers to your website. Ultimately, it crashes the website and makes it unresponsive which can be a big hit for any business website. 

These issues can be addressed by use of a proxy server. If it’s implemented then websites may save themselves from a lot of issues and idle time. There are dozens of bad effects of cyber attacks which people don’t know about in detail. It literally takes a lot of time and effort to make a website operational once again. 

Last Words:

Proxy servers are necessary not only for privacy but for additional benefits as well. But VPNS like Hostnoc provide more private and secure connections, hence are preferred by most of the business owners.

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