What is SSL Certificate And Why You Should Install It?

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Have you ever imagined the scenario,  if somebody visits your website and get a message like following image.:

Definitely, your visitor or customer will bounce back with the impression that you visit is not secure enough to visit or place any order. 

Sure;y, you don’t want to lose your customers. In order to avoid your customers’ trust on your website . you should proceed to read this in depth article about SSL..

This is a comprehensive article about SSL . You will learn the distinct benefits of SSL installation at your website. You will get to know how SSL may help your business in gaining revenue and build brand reputation. 

Cyber security concerns have been a major challenge since the rise of digital transformation. SSL certificate is as necessary for your website as a helmet is to a bike or seat belt is to driving a car. 

There are a number of questions that could have been pinning your mind like Is HTTPS really important? Why is the SSL certificate mandatory and What’s the value of getting an SSL certificate? etc. Your all such queries are going to be solved in this article.

Many people confuse switching from HTTP to HTTPS. This might be due to the lackness of understanding of the SSL certificate’s importance.. Lets First you need to clear your concept about SSL certificates.

SSL Certificate:

SSL is an abbreviation of ’secure sockets layer’. It’s a cryptographic protocol for keeping communication safe on the internet. 

SSL certificate is a domain specific digital file which contains issuer signatures, serial number and expiry date. 

SSL file is installed on a server to ensure not only a secured connection but to protect important information as well. Most of the cloud hosting providers have SSL enabled in their packages. 

After complete installation of SSL file, service can be accessed through https or other SSL protocols like LDAPS, NNTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS and FTPS.

Advantages of SSL Certificate:

1: Customer Data Protection:

In this era of potential cyber threats, no company can compromise over consumer data security especially  data like customers id, password, credit card,debit card are more precious than diamond for any organization.

SSl certificate data in transition between browser and your server. In short, it keeps your data private and secure. Also SSL provides a strong layer to cyber attacks by hackers.

2: Avoid Google Warnings:

Google in his SEO algorithm updates have remarkably discouraged unencrypted websites Google has increased security warnings to those websites which are notefuly https secure after oct, 2018 update.installing SSL certificate will make your website https and skip you from getting google warnings.

3: SSL Improvises SERPs:

Google encourages webmasters to install SSL certificates. In continuation to this, Google announced HTTPS as ranking signal update and announced officially that websites with https are more likely to rank high in SERPs.Browses show trust indicator(paid lock) in the address bar as well. Hence, it can be said that having SSL on your website does not only build credibility but also affects SEO rankings. 

4: SSL Improvises Customer Trust & Revenue:

SSL enabled ‘Padlock’ which is considered a trust indicator shows that the website is secure due to SSL encryption. Consumers are more likely to trust websites having SSL certificates. Hence, it improves customer turs

HEnce, orpnaziatios may implement these measures to increase customer trust and ultimately increase business revenue.

5: Avoid Phishing Attacks by SSL:

In the last few years, cyber attacks have been increasing. As the user base of the internet is getting increased, attacks of phishing MITM attacks are also increased. It is obligatory to secure your website from such attacks. One of the ways is to install SSL on your website. Also to make your connection private and encrypted you may use a dedicated business vpn.

Phishing usually involves a website or web pages cloning. Luckily, it is very hard to have an SSL certified website. So, it’s an additional advantage of having SSL on your website. 

Since phishing involves cloning a website or a webpage, it is almost impossible to have an SSL certified cloned website. This is an added advantage of getting an SSL certificate.

6: SSL Helps in Regulatory Compliances:

According to PCI(Payment card industry), an ecommerce business should have a 128 bit SSL certificate with encryption. Hence it urges web masters to acquire SSL certificates from a reliable source. Also their guidelines require a website asking for personal information to have a private connection. 

Types of SSL Certificates:

EV SSL Certificate:

They are considered as the highest level of authentication . Extended validation certificates are issued after thoright verification process. Upon successful enabling they are shown as a green address bar. They give  customers the highest level of confidence in ecommerce payment gateway websites.. 

OV SSL Certificate:

OV SSL certificates are also known as Organization Validated SSL Certificate.  As the name suggests, these certificates have a stringent validation process. Certifying Authority (CA) verifies the business identity while issuing OV SSL certificates. The same business information is available under certificate information. Ideally, all registered businesses should protect their website with this type of SSL certificate.

They are better known as organization validated SSL certificates. They have a strict verification process. Mostly, registered businesses use  this type of SSL .In the certification process, a carticifey authority verifies business identity to issue OV SSL certificate. 

DV SSL Certificate:

They are basic SSL certificates for enabling SSL on websites. They are termed as domain validated(DV) SSL certificates. They are very affordable. They enables a greeck lick in browser which shows authenticity of the website  

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Its mechanism is similar to a normal single domain certificate. They secure all subdomains as present in your network. It saves cost and time. 

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

Multomian SSL certificate is useful, if you want to secure multiple domains and subdomains with a single certificate.  A single certificate in most of the cases is cost friendly and may secure upto 99 additional domains.

Wrapping Up!

In the light of the above article, it can be said that an SSL certificate is necessary to install at your website because not only it builds brand credibility in the eyes of customers but it helps in getting rank on top in search engines as well. Therefore, you may drive more traffic leading to increased revenue and sales to your website. If you are in quarantine and thinking about improving your website during quarantine then definitely you should think about installing SSL first. 

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